FaceToFace is the staff blog at ChinaConnectU. It encourages a dialogue between bloggers and readers, offers you a glimpse behind the scenes of CCU, and gives you a change to get to know the people involved.

ChinaConnectU is all about bringing people from all over the world together. It is a place where people can learn about China, but also share their knowledge of, and experience with, China. FaceToFace is the place where we share our own stories with you: stories about our daily activities working on CCU; stories about particular content and how it came about; stories about current news items that got our attention; and stories about our personal experiences with (or in) China and all things Chinese.

Why the name “FaceToFace”?

The name FaceToFace, or miàn duì miàn 面对面 in Chinese, is inspired by that same idea of communication that is at the core of ChinaConnectU. Ironically, technological developments have drastically changed the way we communicate with one another, and we actually do not meet “face to face” all that often anymore. But at the same time, these digital communication tools allow us to interact with people anywhere in the world, broadening our horizons like never before.

The name FaceToFace also invokes a sense of dialogue; at least it does to us. We invite you to engage in a dialogue with us, and each other, and warmly welcome any comments, suggestions, or questions you have.