The British Chamber of Commerce in China, based in Beijing, maintains a network for British companies doing business in China and provides information on industry, the economy, and politics in China.

The British Chamber of Commerce in China 中国英国商会 (BCCC), previously known as the “Association of British Business in China,” began in 1981 but was not formerly established until 1993. Based in Beijing, it seeks to provide a network for Britain to do business in China. Four other British chambers of commerce are spread across mainland China, as well as entities in Hong Kong and in Taiwan. Each chamber operates independently but cooperates on a number of issues. Members consist of British businesses and organizations of various sizes in China as well as enterprises representing businesses or organizations in China with significant U.K.-related business interests.

Like other national chambers in China (such as the French and German chambers), the BCCC provides updates and information to people involved with industry, the economy, and politics in China. The BCCC sponsors lectures, forums, and other events with politicians from the U.K. and Chinese governments, as well as with economists, consultants, and other specialists. Forums allow BCCC members to give and receive information either relating to a specific industry such as financial services or relating to issues such as corporate social responsibility (CSR) or human resources. The BCCC also helps members recruit employees.

The BCCC maintains a directory of its twenty-five hundred members across the mainland and Hong Kong and a bimonthly magazine, British Business in China, which provides information on the latest trade issues in China and highlights members’ commercial successes.

Because the BCCC is based in the capital city of Beijing (the location of the British Embassy), it is able to keep close relationships with government officials from both China and the U.K. Members of the executive committee of the chamber often represent the chamber and various members at media events and discussions with other chambers in Beijing. The BCCC’s relationship with the British Embassy in Beijing lets its members have direct contact with U.K. government officials in China to discuss trade issues and policies and to lobby for support. In addition, the views of British businesses are sought from chamber members when the U.K. government discusses issues of national commercial interest with the Chinese government.

The BCCC is funded by membership fees and receives no government funding. Its governance and strategy are the responsibility of the executive committee. All members of the committee occupy full-time posts elsewhere, often as senior leaders at companies such as Standard Chartered Bank, Saatchi & Saatchi, Shell, and Rolls-Royce. The executive committee also includes one representative from each of these U.K.-China commerce bodies: China Britain Business Council, U.K. Trade and Investment, the British Council, and the Confederation of British Industry. The operational running of the chamber is carried out by the secretariat—full-time employees who deliver services for members.

The British Chamber of Commerce in China has an annual growth rate of 8–9 percent, continually attracting British organizations and introducing new services. Key persons involved with the chamber in Beijing include Henry Wang, general manager and principal service manager, Clean Coal Energy China, Shell; Richard Margolis, regional director, Greater China, Rolls-Royce; Charles Sampson, general manager, Saatchi & Saatchi; Lyn Kok, head of financial institutions in China, Standard Chartered Bank; Ian McKendrick, managing director of the British Chamber of Commerce in China; and Michael Fosh, chairman of the British Chamber of Commerce in China and chief representative of Herbert Smith.

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