At the end of this lesson, students will be able to:
• Count from 1 to 99
• Ask and tell age
• Ask and tell what year, month, and day of the week it is
• Ask and tell what time it is

This lesson plan contains:
• A link to a YouTube video that involves counting
• A vocabulary list, including the numbers 1-10, date, time, and age indicators, and question words
• A PPT presentation for classroom use
• A pdf worksheet including the vocabulary list and exercises

You can use the material to create your own customized lesson plan, based on the level, age, and goal of your students. Use only the basic numbers for beginners or young children, or challenge your students with the exercises and questions provided!

Watch the YouTube video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ayQyDWuCmkc&NR=1

In many schools, universities, and companies in China, calisthenics are a common and mandatory activity. In this video you will see a group of school children during their morning exercises. Listen carefully to the voice of the announcer; do you recognize the numbers? Try to sing along, or better yet, get up and get moving!


Character Pinyin English
one (Nu)
èr two (Nu)
sān three (Nu)
four (Nu)
five (Nu)
liù six (Nu)
seven (Nu)
eight (Nu)
jiǔ nine (Nu)
shí ten (Nu)
bǎi hundred (Nu)
question word for numbers/amount. How much/how many/which?(Q)
nián year (N)
yuè month (N)
星期 xīngqī week (N)
日/天 rì/tiān day (N)
点钟 diǎnzhōng time (N)
suì age, year (N)

Get the PPT presentation here.

Get the PDF worksheet with vocabulary and exercises here.