AuthorKaren CHRISTENSEN and Jonathan Qiang LI

Karen Christensen is CEO of Berkshire Publishing. She is active in business and academic communities in the United States and in Britain, where her publishing career began. She serves on the board of the content division of the Software & Information Industry Association and will be speaking at the first Global Information Industry Summit in Amsterdam in September 2006.

Jonathan Qiang Li is a technologist and statistician in California’s Silicon Valley. He specializes in developing statistical software for information retrieval and data mining. He has special interests in online social media and has been working on algorithms and data collection to help make sense of the dynamic nature of online communities. Some of his research has been used by a Web 2.0 start-up company that specializes in social media. Li also teaches MBA classes on business statistics at California State University. In his spare time, he maintains a Chinese-language blog that has led to many friendships. When he was a graduate student at Yale University, Li was the president of Association of Chinese Students and Scholars, and he continues to enjoy organizing community services.