Religion for the rest of us?

“Let us pray.” On Wednesday I heard a prayer - “grace” - said before dinner for the first time in years. “Thank you, Lord, for this beautiful evening and for our fellowship.” “Help us to serve those in need.” I’d been invited to talk about the Train Campaign at the Episcopal church’s men’s dinner group. No

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Who Says You Can’t Change the World?

You can’t change the world, Karen.” I’ve lost track of who said that to me, because it’s happened more than once. I might be on my soapbox about something or other—eliminating plastics, or transforming the publishing industry, or having an efficient and economical passenger rail service in the United States—and my friend will nod and smile

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How to start an online email group for your neighborhood or business

I've been running a listserv called TheHillGB for some years now, and just received this question from a member: "I am considering creating a listserv for work-related purposes. As moderator of this list, do you have any good resources for the whats and hows of developing and maintaining a strong, functional listerv?" (The word listserv was original coined

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