Today’s theme is my love for winter. Here’s to what I hope will be a blissfully snowy winter.

A few things that I love about winter, in no particular order:

Downhill skiing! Extreme slant + slippery slopes + lots of $$$ + threat of death + lots of time spent freezing on chairlifts = fun!

Ski jumping! Extreme slant + slippery slopes + lots of air time + threat of death = fun!

Tobogganing! Lots of children + slippery slopes + threat of death = fun!

Snowboarding! I’ve never tried it but it looks fun. See “Downhill skiing” above.

Snowshoeing! Kind of dorky looking but how fun!

Cross-country skiing! I have nothing snarky to say about this. It is the best sport ever invented.

Ice fishing! Never tried it but how can you go wrong with beer, enclosed spaces, cold, more beer, companionship in close quarters, the threat of plummeting through the ice, fish, and peace and quiet?

When it’s really cold, hearing the wonderful sound of trees’ sap popping!

Seeing the bones of the hills and trees without leaves getting in the way.

No mosquitoes!


Russia’s Winter Palace!

The best film ever made, ever, Blades of Glory, would not exist without winter.

Speaking of films, was The Lion in Winter called The Lion in Summer? No.

Winter fills hipsters with fear! Skinny jeans and ironic mustaches are no match for old man winter. The world’s hipster population dwindles as you get closer to icy climates. Not even ironic beards can help.

This beard can, though!


Christmas presents!

Weird Christmas movies on TV!

Spending an entire weekend watching Lord of the Rings and not feeling guilty!

More time for reading!

Fireplaces! (Not that we have one … but someday….)