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No library is complete without this core 21st-century resource.

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“It doesn’t work anymore to look at…food, energy, or climate change separately from each other or separately from questions of values, economics or the very ways in which we think.” -Mike Berners-Lee

Once upon a time, encyclopedias were special because they had more information than anything else. Today, the unique value of a resource like the Berkshire Encyclopedia of Sustainability is that it isn’t too big. Ten volumes is quite massive, but when you think about how much knowledge has been distilled by our 1,000 or so authors, it’s really a miracle of condensation!

And we need this kind of comprehensive educational tool right now. Climate-change action is increasing but climate-change denial also has determined adherents. The UN Biodiversity Working Group, scheduled to meet this week in China, was moved to Italy just as we started to hear about COVID-19 spreading there.

Of course there are other fabulous publications out there – such as Drawdown, which offers climate-change solutions – and books, articles, and websites about myriad aspects of sustainability. But there is no other resource that provides the comprehensive 360-degree view offered in the Berkshire Encyclopedia of Sustainability. And the second edition will offer far more:

  • Articles on the sustainability (or not) of bitcoin, artificial intelligence, and autonomous vehicles
  • Historical articles on all regions of the world, including Antarctica, the Pacific Islands, and Sub-Saharan Africa
  • Essays on philosophy, art, and indigenous traditions

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What Is Sustainability?


Natural Resources
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Business Strategies
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for Sustainability:
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“This is undoubtedly the most important and readable reference on sustainability of our time.” —Jim MacNeill, Secretary-General of the Brundtland Commission and chief architect and lead author of Our Common Future

“Everyone who is ready to get serious will profit from this robust, comprehensive, diverse collection of cutting edge thinking from some of the smartest members of our species.” —Denis Hayes, principal organizer of the first Earth Day