We are thrilled to announce the launch of one of the largest publishing initiatives to be undertaken by a US and Chinese partnership. While the relationship between the United States and China is more uncertain than at any time in decades, the personal and economic ties between our countries are strong, and growing stronger. Young Americans are studying Mandarin and dreaming of international careers. Chinese investors are reviving manufacturing, buying real estate, and investing in US companies. Business people continue to look for opportunities in the Chinese market.
Encyclopedia of China Publishing House banner
In December, Berkshire signed an agreement with Encyclopedia of China Publishing House (ECPH), one of the largest publishing enterprises in China and a member of the China Publishing Group, to produce an international version of ECPH’s monumental Encyclopedia of China. This work will be a digital publication offering global readers, for the first time, a famous work familiar to millions of Chinese students and educators. The joint project is being developed in parallel with the second edition of Berkshire’s own Encyclopedia of China. The two works will be available separately or as a package, with articles on the same topics mapped from one work to the other.

ECPH and Berkshire are also planning joint product lines and will announce an international editorial center based in New York and Beijing at the London Book Fair on 15 March 2017, with speakers including Kerry Brown, director of the King’s College Lau China Institute, and Richard Charkin, past-president of the International Publishers Association.