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Natural Resources for Sustainability, a Berkshire Essential
Edited by Lisa M. Butler HarringtonNatural Resources for Sustainability is a concise, expert reader that covers all major aspects of the physical properties, extraction and processing, and industrial and other uses of important natural resources. The book also discusses specific natural resource issues and different approaches to natural resource management. The expert authors come from around the world and give special emphasis to energy industries, water use and reuse, and to global topics such as the Green Revolution.176 pages, 15 illustrations.
Eminent Chinese of the Qing Period 1644-1911/2
With new introduction by Pamela Crossley, Dartmouth CollegeEminent Chinese of the Qing Period is a standard reference used by scholars, meticulously compiled and unique in its scope. The Berkshire edition contains the original text of 800 biographical entries, an up-to-date bibliography, biographies of Hummel and the main contributors (including John K. Fairbank), portraits, maps, timeline, and glossary. Simplified Chinese characters and pinyin have been added to the original complex characters. 1,200 pages, 50 illustrations.
Finance and Investment for Sustainability
Edited by Chris LaszloFinance and Investment for Sustainability looks at how a green economy can be created and sustained. Articles written for the non-expert reader cover topics such as green-collar jobs, energy and foreign investment law, public-private partnerships, the World Bank, smart growth, the financial services industry, the “base of the pyramid,” (i.e., the world’s poor), social enterprise, green taxes, and the concept of the triple bottom line. 162 pages, 15 illustrations.
Big History, Small World: From the Big Bang to You
By Cynthia Stokes BrownBig History, Small World is the first guide in English to a new approach to history that has been specifically designed for high school students. It’s also ideal for the general reader who shares Bill Gates’s fascination with this new blend of history and science, and fits neatly with the free curriculum available at the Big History Project. There are illustrations, charts, diagrams, a glossary and timeline, and short biographies of scientists and historians who have been influential in developing big history. 300 pages, 50 illustrations.
Recipes from the Garden of Contentment: A Manual of Chinese Gastronomy (Suiyuan Shidan 隨園食單) by YUAN Mei

Recipes from the Garden of Contentment  is the first complete English edition of one of the world’s most famous books about food. This collection of essays, written over 200 years ago by the Qing dynasty poet and official Yuan Mei 袁枚, serves as an introduction to Chinese culinary philosophy and food preparation as well as a guide to famous dishes such as birds nest and sharks fin. The Berkshire edition offers an enthralling view of Chinese history and culinary culture, and the charm, humor, and erudition of one of China’s greatest writers. 300 pages, 50 illustrations.

Women and Leadership: History, Concepts, and Case Studies
George R. Goethals and Crystal L. Hoyt, University of Richmond
Women and Leadership explores varied questions about women’s leadership and looks at how women have led in different fields, in different parts of the world, and in past centuries as well as today. The book is divided into four parts: 1 Women in an Evolving Society, 2 Women and Social Change, 3 Women in Politics, and 4 The Spectrum of Women’s Leadership. The last three sections include biographical entries illustrating how different aspects of leadership have played out in individual lives. 350 pages, 25 illustrations.
Football: An American Obsession Goes Global
Edited by Gerald R. Gems and Gertrud PfisterFootball: An American Obsession Goes Global is the first comprehensive guide to the history and culture of the sport, covering US college football as well as professional football worldwide. Sports experts cover rules and play as well as race, ethnicity, religion, gender, social class, and globalization, the importance of television, and debates about violence and safety. This is a readable, authoritative guide designed for people around the world. 320 pages, 50 illustrations.