Here’s an e-mail from Bob Bain, a well-known world history teacher and trainer of teachers. It’s from some months back but explains the utility of this beautiful little book:

Hi David and Karen,

Wanted to send you a quick note to let you know how very well 55 Michigan teachers took to the new version of TFW when we used it this week. David, when I see you in Long Beach, I’ll fill you in on the details of the ways we used it on the second day of a three day workshop (after they reviewed some world history textbooks) — but let it be said that it was a smashing success, and judging from teachers’ reactions (some of which are reflected in their evaluations) TFW will become an important resource/ tool for their thinking and planning. I suspect for these teachers, it will be a well worn by January — so maybe they’ll need new copies, eh, Karen 🙂

Lauren and I were very, very excited to see this play out this way. It brought to mind all our SKYPE calls in the winter and spring, the flurry of writing and editing, and then the amazing speed and quality with which Berkshire was able to give substance to the ideas. I only wish the two of you could have been there to see what we saw, and hope this note gives a glimpse of the value of this book for these 55 world history teachers.

Best wishes,