“Genuinely inclusive world history is such a helpful, even necessary, guide for survival in the crowded world in which we live.” So wrote our senior editor, William H. McNeill, about the Berkshire Encyclopedia of World History. One of the best things about my short encyclopedia publishing career is getting to know Bill McNeill, and I get goosebumps when I think about the serendipity involved in our finding him, retired to a country home not far from Great Barrington, and the great fortune of having him take an interest in our fledging business.

This venture of ours has enriched my life to an astonishing degree through the friendship of people like Bill. One of the things I love about the scholars we work with is that they really care about truth. And they care about the world, about the fate of humankind and the planet we live on. You might think the same would be true of activists, with whom I spent a lot of time before diving fully into publishing. But activists don’t always care about truth: all too often they just care about their cause, and they don’t want to know about anything that might complicate or contradict their position.

It seemed so apt, then, to find that the title of Bill’s autobiography, which will be published in January 2005, is The Pursuit of Truth.



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