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Finding the Editor Within by Luc Sante

By Karen Christensen A terrific essay in the Wall Street Journal that will be useful to our Berkshire Publishing authors and to anyone struggling late at night or in the hours before dawn to finish some piece of writing they've promised but not found time to work on during our increasingly crowded days. The idea of

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Typos Give Away a Scam Artist

By Mary Bagg My husband Bob, who is a poet and a translator of ancient Greek drama, got an email out of the blue yesterday inviting him to speak for an hour on 30 April 2012 at King’s College in London (Strand Campus) about a rather daunting topic, the “Mystery of Life and Death.” The person

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Em dashes, Ebooks, and Berkshire’s Little Book of Mormon

By Mary Bagg Conversations about Mormonism during these early months leading up to the US presidential campaign have been notable, notes Berkshire’s CEO Karen Christensen, for a lack of knowledge of the basics tenets of the faith, except for the avoidance of coffee and Coke. Berkshire has decided to combine some of the articles we’ve published

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From the Punctuation-Police Blotter

By Mary Bagg Every once in a while I’m copied on an email exchange in progress and asked to police a point of style or grammar that has the sender in a quandary. My job is to render a quick decision (more as a judge than a law enforcement officer) and to hand down the ruling

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