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This Is America: Unity From Diversity

Final chapters are always difficult, and I put a lot of time into "Unity from Diversity," the last chapter of This Is America, which we're thrilled to announce on the 4th of July 2014, US Independence Day. I’d had little involvement in creating this book, and I need it as much as anyone because I ignored US history

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That vs. Which and “Why the Left Hates Families”

When we were on vacation in Britain earlier this month I noticed that people seldom made a distinction between "which" and "that" in sentences, and I've been reading a bunch of British books and noticed the same thing. I was starting to question my sanity a little bit, because I'm 99% sure I know when to

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Words and Pictures – Can’t We All Get Along?

I just finished a marvelous book with the dry-as-dry-toast name The Visual Display of Quantitative Information, by a Yale statistician and sculptor named Edward R. Tufte. I've come to learn that the book is considered the Elements of Style of charts - a true classic. This may be apocryphal, but he is known for the great

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For Whom the Knock Knock Joke Tolls

"Knock knock" "Who's there?" "To" "To who?" "To WHOM!!!"  (To be said in an exasperated manner.) Or, as I originally told this, in telling it to my co-worker, Mar: "Knock knock" ... "who's there"? "Who" ... "who who"? "Uhhhh...." Telling jokes has never been one of my talents. The point of this inane joke is that

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From the Christian Science Monitor: “Usage should reflect how we think about the online world”

By Karen Christensen Berkshire still uses uppercase for the word Internet. Our Manual of Style, reflecting Chicago and standard US usage, says, "Internet (not 'the Net')." I would add to that, actually, a plea: not the 'net or the 'Net either. But that use of uppercase is a matter we should consider, it seems, according to

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