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How Big is the Crimea?

In all the news about the Crimea lately, one thing I couldn't quite figure out was how big a place the Crimea is. I then remembered a website I discovered a while back called "" MAPfrappe allows you to take the outline of one place and superimpose it on more familiar places. It's clever enough to

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We have a government again! Time to publish some books

Hooray! We have a government again. That means it's time to get our applications sent off to the Library of Congress for all our upcoming books: This Is America (oh, the irony that this book was delayed by the shut-down); the Berkshire Dictionary of Chinese Biography, which we'll be officially launching in Sydney, Australia in early

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Seven Things I’ve Learned Recently

1. The northeastern Australian state of Queensland is four times the size of California but has only 3.5 million people - about the size of Connecticut, or one-fifth the size of New York City. 2. You've heard of 3-D printing, right? Well, now there is 4-D printing. This involves printing 3-D items that have the ability

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Berkshire Publishing is open

I was outside long before dawn: the full moon luminous behind trees to west. Looking east, where I have a view of the mountains, rippled clouds made a huge ring around the milky open sky. I wondered if that was a lull in the storm, but at 10.30am we have blue sky as well as dark

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Berkshire to follow Britannica & Cambridge UP in China

The Beijing International Book Fair starts tomorrow and I’m delighted to be able to announce that we have just made arrangements for a Shanghai-based publishing company to translate the entire six-volume Berkshire Encyclopedia of World History, for distribution in print throughout the People’s Republic of China. This is no small matter, and no small translation job.

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Race to the South Pole as a leadership case study

I love the case studies we included in the Encyclopedia of Leadership, which Berkshire published with Sage Reference in 2004. Today is 100 years since the death of Robert F. Scott, a famous British explorer. @LettersofNote features the letter he wrote, over the course of his final days, addressed to his “widow” Here is our

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