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World history

The Care and Repair of Public Myth by W H McNeill

First published as the cover story of Foreign Affairs, Fall 1982, 61(1), 1–13, and republished here on the centenary of the author's birth, 31 October 2017. The Care and Repair of Public Myth By W. H. McNeill Myth lies at the basis of human society. That is because myths are general statements about the world and its parts, and

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Join Berkshire in Boston at the World History Association Conference

Berkshire Publishing will be at the World History Association (WHA) conference in Boston this week to talk about our books and our authors, especially our dear friend the late Bill (William H.) McNeill. Here's a short video in which Bill talks about how he came to write The Rise of the West: “My history had always been the

Leaving Western Civ Behind, William H. McNeill

William H. (Bill) McNeill (1917-2016) continued to write for decades after his retirement from the University of Chicago. He published several books, including The Human Web, with his son J. R. McNeill, and an autobiography called The Pursuit of Truth. In that book he details his experiences on the 1992 Christopher Columbus Quincentenary Jubilee Commission. Bill

Berkshire Titles on Oxford Reference

Berkshire Publishing Group is delighted to announce that its major multi-volume reference titles will be available from Oxford University Press. These titles are being added to the Oxford Reference platform:   Berkshire Encyclopedia of World History, Second Edition The renowned Berkshire Encyclopedia of World History provides an integrated view of human and universal history. Environmental and social issues are examined by

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Listen to the story “Salt in World History” by W. H. McNeill

My daughter Rachel, who works at Berkshire Publishing, is a great fan of audio books and has been pushing me for ages to develop some audio content. I'm thinking first of an audio version of our short bestseller This Fleeting World but it occurred to me that many of our historical articles and biographies might make

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Au revoir to a global point of reference

Berkshire Publishing’s tagline is about to change, but before we make the switch I’d like to explain why we have been, for ten years, “A global point of reference.” This was partly a play on two meanings of the word reference. In early days, we were known for our encyclopedias – reference books that lived in the reference


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