Bill Siever turns to WORLD SPORT

There's never a dull moment or downtime at Berkshire Publishing. The day after the Encyclopedia of Sustainability went to the printers (copies roll off the presses and into shipping cartons in less than two weeks), Bill Siever gathered all my notes on the new Encyclopedia of World Sport and dived into that new and totally different

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“Home Field Advantage” at London Olympics

Why is the UK doing so well in London? Is it due to the traditional sporting rivalry with France and Australia, or to Britain's increasingly diverse population? Or is it simply the factor known as "home field advantage"? Berkshire Publishing is known for its massive, groundbreaking sports publications and I'm thrilled to have the 2012 Olympic

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The sporting life of a wannabe jock and sports virgin

I was looking through some of my earliest journalism, written for my college's alumni magazine during my first year at Santa Barbara. I walked into that job after a brief conversation with someone from the alumni office at a party for US regents scholars. I'd never done paid writing before and suspect that the fact that

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Berkshire CEO speaks at Notre Dame (and sees her first football game)

I had the pleasure of speaking to a group of twenty-five faculty members, administrators, librarians, and students at Notre Dame University on my way back from Beijing two weeks ago. The Friday workshop was entitled “Expanding global knowledge & connections: research and curricular resources for East Asian studies,” and came about because of Notre Dame’s new

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London 2012’s Sebastian Coe and Berkshire’s Encyclopedia of World Sport,

Sports is one of the most important ways the world comes together, and Berkshire is proud to have published more about global sports than any other publisher. We began in 1996 with the first Encyclopedia of World Sport (which was published by ABC-CLIO (in those days, Berkshire developed the content but was not a publisher). That

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T. S. Eliot and China

My life and work have not kept to the straight and narrow, or to a single path, but it's always amazed me to see how disparate experiences and people connect - it's become a kind of 5 degrees of separation game. But I would have sworn there could be no connection between my work with Valerie

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My experience with Iran

I've been struggling with HTML and WordPress, trying to get a collection of Berkshire articles on Iran up. They're very useful, and quite broad, but as you'll see at this "parent" page, all the text is centered and I can't figure out how to correct it. But I did get a hierarchy set up, so they're

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Debunking the “long tail”

It's not an attractive thing,  I-told-you-so-ism. And the joy of being proved right by an academic study ("and it took $100,000 to prove X Y or Z, when anyone with an ounce of common sense could have told you!") is usually dimmed by thinking about the good things one could have done with a similar amount

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