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I'm going to move this to the sidebar, but thought I'd test the code here. This is where something like Shelfari provides something I really want--and would, in fact, pay for. I don't want another social networking site, but I like the tools. Shelfari: Book reviews on your book blog <p>Find new <a href="">books</a> and literate

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Allowed on Facebook?

My son Tom doesn't think I should be allowed on Facebook, and I suppose he will "unfriend" me one of these days (where's a kid to go?). I'm spending more time there because more people I work with, especially on our knowledge community building experiments, are using it. And there are some fun things, like a

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Skype phone

Friends and colleagues on Skype have been plagued the last few days by phone calls from me, because I have finally got a Skype phone. This is a UK mobile that has a big Skype button in the centre of the keyboard, and enables me to text or phone anyone I'm in touch with by Skype--many

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Community highjacked

I've spent a good bit of the day with a far-flung team, exploring social networking ideas and figuring out how Berkshire can begin to provide community space for our authors - space that will be of value to them. There are some great free tools we're looking at and I've been going through them. It's a

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Stupid Answers

Search is fairly good, on a basic question like mine this morning, "best ways to ship to England." I decided to look at Yahoo Answers because I'd just read that it is the most popular Q&A system on the Web. Well, if this is the best information available in this popular format, on a really simple

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Another go at video blogging

This is going to take some practice. It is weird to sit in one's office talking to a computer screen, and what I need to do is make a screen with photos of some of my friends and colleagues and get that in front of me. I've read some advice about video blogging and everyone seems

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LinkedIn is not for me–but Amazon’s rising

I've never been a fan of LinkedIn, much as I appreciate the way they've used word of mouth marketing and maintained something of a monopoly on professional data storage, because I can reach most people more directly and quickly. But I've heard others complain that it's become a recruitment and reference checking and sales tool. I

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Xobni sounds Chinese?

Not really, but I suppose it might look a little bit Chinese to anyone watching the Olympics and seeing all those names beginning with X. Like the city of Xian, where the terracotta army was discovered. I visited there in 2001 on my first trip to China and remember the explanation then, that X is pronounced

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Bad e-manners

Today's pick for worst e-manners is and I've been deluged by e-newsletters from these people, unsubscribed repeatedly, and now got a mail that requires me to choose a password in order to get to the page to unsubscribe, it would seem. Saturday P.S. It seems that the recent flood of CNN e-mails take me

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Technology companies face the music

I am a passionate proponent of new technologies but one reason I've published a lot on technology (the entire Berkshire Encyclopedia of Human-Computer Interaction as well as articles in virtually every other encyclopedia--whether they were on sports or religion or history) is I believe we should not accept any technology without question. We need to be

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