Marvin Mudrick and his chickens

I seem to be writing a lot about interdisciplinary thinking these days, a good thing considering the work we’re undertaking on the future, and sustainability! The latest article is called “Marvin Mudrick and his Chickens,” and I wrote this one for the UCSB Coastlines magazine. I graduated from the College of Creative Studies at UCSB, and

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Scitalk project aims to bridge the ‘two cultures’ divide

Serendipity. Thumbing through The Author, a publication of my favorite writers organization, the UK Society of Authors (I first became an author in the UK, and one of my publishers even describes me as a British woman who now owns a publishing company in the United States!), I came across this wonderful project, SciTalk, designed to

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Becoming interdisciplinary

I've been writing lately about interdisciplinary thinking and scholarship, and the first article, "Becoming Interdisciplinary: A publisher's perspective," is published today in the August issue of YBP's online magazine, Academia. I point out that "interdisciplinary efforts should span broad divides such as the one between science and the arts, but although people pay lip service to

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Science and serendipity

When I was in New York last Thursday, I went to a dinner hosted by Marty Edelston, owner and publisher of Boardroom Inc., a company that with great success publishes a bunch of newsletters on health and investment and such perennial topics. Every couple years I manage to organize my life to attend one of these

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I'm experimenting with a new blog writing software, recommended by a fellow in Minnesota called Griff Wigley who wrote about my blogging a couple weeks ago and then wrote to me. It turns out we have a lot in common apart, including an interest in blogging and social media: community (he was the Utne Reader magazine's

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A perfect day in London

I spend yesterday either talking about networks and connections or experiencing them in rather amazing ways. Because I lived in London in my twenties, the connections I find here are a wonderful mix of old and new. After lunch with a friend, and former employer, who has become a wonderful source of counsel on how to

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Who’s counting?

We're in week three of preparing the first issue of the Berkshire Savant, which began as a few articles to liven up our first catalog and soon morphed into a full-fledged magazine, complete with celebrity authors (Robert Bellah, Simon Winchester), how-to sidebars ("Protect Your Identity," an article about identity theft by expert Anna Sabasteanski, editor of

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The Book Nobody Read

The best thing about being a publisher is the chance to make connections, between people and ideas. And now that I've been doing this for a while, it's satisfying to see how our editors and contributors develop new lines of enquiry, and have fresh successes in bringing their ideas to the public. Just the other day

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Following up from Charleston

Interdisciplinary publishing has been Berkshire’s focus since early days, perhaps because our partnership is interdisciplinary. I studied English and comparative literature and write about environmental issues and community. I also have a great interest in science (I’ve been called a science groupie) and in new technologies (my teenage son has some comments on that, too). David

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