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Au revoir to a global point of reference

Berkshire Publishing’s tagline is about to change, but before we make the switch I’d like to explain why we have been, for ten years, “A global point of reference.” This was partly a play on two meanings of the word reference. In early days, we were known for our encyclopedias – reference books that lived in the reference

Berkshire Author Talks Climate Change and China

The National Committee on US-China Relations (NCUSCR) often offers its members a chance to hear directly from experts after major world events. Last week’s members-only teleconference about the historic US-China Joint Announcement on Climate Change featured Alex Wang, professor at UCLA School of Law, and Joanna Lewis, professor at Georgetown University and one of Berkshire’s authors.

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Seven Things I’ve Learned Recently

1. The northeastern Australian state of Queensland is four times the size of California but has only 3.5 million people - about the size of Connecticut, or one-fifth the size of New York City. 2. You've heard of 3-D printing, right? Well, now there is 4-D printing. This involves printing 3-D items that have the ability

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That vs. Which and “Why the Left Hates Families”

When we were on vacation in Britain earlier this month I noticed that people seldom made a distinction between "which" and "that" in sentences, and I've been reading a bunch of British books and noticed the same thing. I was starting to question my sanity a little bit, because I'm 99% sure I know when to

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Holy Cow Do We Have Sustainability Covered

Wow, I just want to say that we have an incredible array of topics covered in the Berkshire Encyclopedia of Sustainability. (Not to toot our own horn or anything!) The usual stuff that you hear about all the time, yes - carbon capture, coal, climate change, etc. - but we have tons of interesting stuff on

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Nature is very dependable! (at least sometimes)

How's this for accuracy? Yesterday I mentioned to my wife that we saw a skunk at work, and wondered if it was a bad thing to see a skunk out during the day. She said she'd read somewhere that skunks are coming out this time of year, and that it's a sign of spring. So I

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Tech battle update: hooray for Zoho, boo for Microsoft

Last week, I reported on our battles to try to get our project management program to improve. I’m happy to report that I got a very nice and thorough answer to our many comments and suggestions, and I look forward to using their newest version. This week, I decided to try to write to the all-mighty

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