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Jesus or Hitler? Data analysis from the Encyclopedia of Leadership

In 2004, SAGE published the Berkshire-conceived Encyclopedia of Leadership. It was the first comprehensive survey of leadership studies and contains 1.2 million words divided among 375 referred articles, 3 appendices, 300 sidebars, and 150 illustrations.  The entire project was developed Berkshire Publishing with an editorial board of 16 leadership scholars, with James MacGregor Burns as Senior Editor. Exploring

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Seeing the Forest for the Trees: A Sustainable Information Industry

BILL SIEVER Editorial Coordinator Berkshire Encyclopedia of Sustainability, Berkshire Publishing Group KAREN CHRISTENSEN Publisher and CEO Berkshire Publishing Group Seeing the forest: why publishers and readers need to take a fresh look at print and online publishing to create a sustainable information industry The emerging debate over whether print or online

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London Book Fair launch for Berkshire, ECPH, China Publishing Group

This post is about the partnership launch held on 15 March at the London Book Fair and also sets out my observations about developments in the realm of Chinese publishing, along with advice for Western publishing professionals who’d like to be China-ready. I was close to tears at our launch at the London Book Fair with China

A typical morning in small-town America

Podcast interview with author David Christian in Sydney, Australia Two pots of black tea with Blue Hill Farm raw milk WeChat discussion with son in Beijing about Donald Trump’s fundraising Telemeeting with consultant based in Chicago and originally from Nottingham Emailed neighborhood listserv offering plants I dug from garden last night Telemeeting with colleague in Connecticut

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London Book Fair 2016

Book fairs are one of the dumber traditions of our hidebound industry. CEOs hate them. I don’t mean only CEOs of smaller independent presses, but people who run big publishing companies; I’ve known a couple of such people well enough for them to tell me that they wish they didn’t have to waste so much money on

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A global perspective (first published as “Seeing the World” in the Berkshire Savant, 2005)

The story below, written by Karen Christensen in 2005, explains what happened when an American family traveled to China, Kazakhstan, and Japan in April 2001. At that time, Berkshire Publishing was developing the Encyclopedia of Modern Asia for the reference division of Charles Scribners, a major New York company that is now part of Cengage. “We have to go to Central Asia,” I said in December 2000. My then-husband's response was to buy me a book called The Most Dangerous Places in the World.

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Paris Climate Talks and the Encyclopedia of Sustainability

The global press is chasing many stories, from the tragedies of terrorism and displaced people to the display of hubris, xenophobia, and general nuttiness that we call a US presidential election season. As far as we're concerned at Berkshire Publishing, the crucial story of the week is the Paris climate talks, and today we are waiting

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