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Why Going Digital is Dangerous, Expensive, and Essential op-ed in Library Journal

Library Journal just published an op-ed I wrote about the dangers of going digital. I thought I would share it with some additional details just for friends and colleagues. Digital publishing is fraught with risks for publishers and I’m eager to get feedback on the challenges I’ve identified. Risky as it is, Berkshire Publishing is moving

Berkshire’s Building Sustainable Libraries Survey, December 2010

As we launch Berkshire's "Building Sustainable Libraries Survey" with Against The Grain journal (ATG), where preliminary survey results will appear, I want to acknowledge the people who contributed suggestions and commented on the draft survey. Some of them are authors of articles in the forthcoming ATG issue I've nearly finished guest-editing, and others are colleagues who

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Visit us at the MSLA conference in Sturbridge

Amy Fredsall, our wonderful customer service coordinator, is now at the Massachusetts School Libraries Association in Sturbridge, with lots of books and flyers to show, and quite a number of free books and small gifts. Do stop by and say hullo to her. She has sample pages from the soon-to-be-published second edition of the Berkshire Encyclopedia

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Delane’s War by Tim Coates, the Good Library campaigner

Tim Coates has been doing battle on behalf of citizens, readers, and authors as he's tirelessly campaigned for improved public libraries in the UK. Now he's written a history that seems appropriate for our time and also tells us something about his own efforts. The book is called Delane's War: 150 years ago a British Government

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Behind the scenes at Encyclopedia of China headquarters

Editorial assistant Bill Siever, who has been known to get to work at 5am (maybe even earlier--how would I know?) sent an email yesterday alluding to The Shining and I had to get him to explain it. Apparently the crazed central character starts typing, over and over again, "All work and no play makes Jack a

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“Librarians Against Palin”

That's the headline on the Library Journal website! I can't say I've been overwhelmed by the latest vice-presidential candidate's potential, or credentials, but I had not thought about her in connection with libraries.

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