Synchronicity online

World historians talk about synchronism: the ways developments in different places or cultures sometimes harmonize, without a causal relationship. Jung explained sychronicity as the result of a collective unconsciousness, and maybe that's so. All I know is that there are interesting convergences in life, and surprising connections that might also be explained as guanxi. Meeting Griff

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Names more powerful than words?

Have you seen today's Doonesbury cartoon? Nothing but names, box after box of names. Young men and women's names: the Americans who have died in the Iraq War. Somehow, for me, they are all the more poignant for being in a comic strip that has managed through the years to mock and make light of all

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Extreme leadership

Here's a snap of Tom Hopcroft, president of the New England Business & Technology Association and my new leadership collaborator, and me with Dennis Perkins (center), our May speaker. Dennis gave a wonderful presentation about Shackleton's expedition to Antarctica, accompanied by slides and video from his own trip there, retracing the crew's route. Dennis was a

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Leadership launch

One of the most interesting projects we've undertake in recent years was the Encyclopedia of Leadership, with Sage Reference as our partner. Leadership is a new interdisciplinary field that often seems a quagmire rather than solid ground on which to sow, or build (apologies for the wild mix of metaphors, something which talking about leadership seems

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Bad business

I’ve been reading about Carly Fiorina, the deposed CEO of Hewlett-Packard. Yesterday’s New York Times said she’d been brought in to change the culture and tried to go too far. “Changing the culture” is on our minds, as Berkshire goes from being a small town content developer to a next-gen publishing company with global ambitions. Publishing

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