April 1st News: MIT to build Great Barrington campus (visit blog for details)|cservice@berkshirepublishing.com

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Press release: “China in the Berkshires” with Ambassador Nicholas Platt

Great Barrington, Massachusetts—On Friday, 22 October 2010, Berkshire Publishing Group joins the Trustees of Reservations in hosting a first “China in the Berkshires” event at which Ambassador Nicholas Platt will take us back to the early days of renewed U.S.-China relations. This program provides insight into the challenges of engagement and mutual understanding, which are as

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SE5 Forum for Camberwell

I'm finding terrific websites for my old, and former, neighborhood, including SE5 Forum for Camberwell. Odd, isn't it that Great Barrington has nothing like this? Maybe not: Great Barrington has a year-round population of only 7,700, where Camberwell has 37,000. Demographics matter. Density creates new possibilities and provides what we used to talk about a lot,

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