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Looking at Berkshire’s in 2018

Thinking about how China is perceived always brings me back to the time when the Washington DC-based Congressional Quarterly Press asked us to develop three volumes called Global Perspectives on the United States (which we eventually published ourselves under the Berkshire imprint, after CQP tried to censor the contents). This was towards the end of the

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London Book Fair launch for Berkshire, ECPH, China Publishing Group

This post is about the partnership launch held on 15 March at the London Book Fair and also sets out my observations about developments in the realm of Chinese publishing, along with advice for Western publishing professionals who’d like to be China-ready. I was close to tears at our launch at the London Book Fair with China

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Super Tuesday: Read about the US political system as a model for the world

Two articles for Super Tuesday, Primary Day in 13 US states, from our 2008 Global Perspectives volume. We plan to bring this three-volume set up to date soon, and perhaps to revive the website, as the world really is looking at America now, incredulous and horrified. But our political system has been a model, especially

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No Adverbs, Please, Mr. Xi

Tonight, the president of the People’s Republic of China, XI Jinping, will give the only policy speech of his first state visit to the United States. Below you’ll find a link for the live feed from the dinner taking place in Seattle. This has reminded me of the time I heard Mr. Xi speak in Washington DC.

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CHINA Town Hall comes to the Berkshires, Karen Christensen to speak

The National Committee on US-China Relations (NCUSCR) is mentioned in the opening to today’s New York Times feature on Chinese president XI Jinping's first state visit to the United States. The #NCUSCR has been at the center of US-China people-to-people exchanges since 1966, and is soon coming to Bard College at Simon's Rock in Great Barrington, Massachusetts.

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Berkshire Notes: The Worst Kind of American Exceptionalism

Greetings to all Berkshire authors and friends [this message was sent by email to contributors around the world, but we’re posting it here, too, so we can add comments and notes – and we welcome comments], It gave me heart to read that pro-gun politicians weren’t answering their phones last weekend and that not one of

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Chinese Firm To Build Friendship Wall between Mexico and US

1 April 2012, Great Barrington, Massachusetts—While construction slows in China, new opportunities for foreign investment and international cooperation beckon. The Northeastern Friendship Construction and Heavy Industry Transportation and Advertising Company (NFCHITAC), a division of National Pacific Patriotic People's Southern Construction, Investing, Securities, and Commercial Services Group (NPPPSCISCSG), has been selected for the construction of what is

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