Chinese Legal System – background to current news

Today's China Bytes provide background to the recent drama in China over the escape from house arrest in Shandong Province of the blind lawyer Chen Guangcheng: a historical overview of China's "Legal System" by the late William Jones from a collection of essays* honoring Jerome A. Cohen, whose oped "The Chen Guangcheng Saga: Heavy on Diplomacy

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Sustainability authors from 47 countries

The Berkshire Encyclopedia of Sustainability is going to be massive, and it's clearly going to break Berkshire Publishing's record for the largest number of authors on a single project. We're at over 675 contributors, and the number is growing quickly as we assign articles for the regional articles, Volumes 7-9. Here's a map showing the locations

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Earth Day Special: Save over $500

  Save 33% (over $500.00) on the Berkshire Encyclopedia of Sustainability if you order by Monday! Limited-time-only Earth Day Special!   The Berkshire Encyclopedia of Sustainability is a ground-breaking interdisciplinary resource for 21st-century students and professionals, providing the knowledge and solutions we need to transform our common future. It will comprise ten volumes ranging from such

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HU Jintao and the Berkshire Encyclopedia of China

Tania Branigan, a well-known journalist who writes about China for the Guardian newspaper in the UK (and who blogs and uses Twitter to a degree that I am awestruck by), commented not long ago in an interview here, "we’re not here to be writing an encyclopedia of China." Branigan was explaining the challenge China journalists face

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Viral publishing and social media

It's been pleasant this week to get a couple of requests to publish things I've written about social media. There's a lovely symmetry or circularity in this, as it's networking and online media that brings this work to the attention of book and magazine publishers. "True Believers and naysayers:exploring the world of social media," published in

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First comments on Berkshire’s ExactEditions

First, an explanation of the challenge and promise of this system from Adam Hodgkin of Exact Editions, with some images showing what they've had to do to cope with our complex multi-volume indexing, at "Exact Editions for Book Publishers." Berkshire Publishing is a young and highly innovative publisher of academic and general reference titles (Berkshire MA

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Inspiring encyclopedias

There are more than a few people who think I'm mad—or nuts, as we Americans say—but I've always denied it. Until today, when I found myself rolling out Danish pastry at 5.30am as I waited for the kettle to boil for a second pot of tea. I'd got up at 4.00 to work on a plan

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