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While the US EPA is still rational about global warming

We've been downloading information about climate change from the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) website because it could soon be gone.  On his first day in office, President Trump had climate change information removed from the White House website. So far, the EPA still has scientists on staff. Here are some sections from the Basic Information page:

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Au revoir to a global point of reference

Berkshire Publishing’s tagline is about to change, but before we make the switch I’d like to explain why we have been, for ten years, “A global point of reference.” This was partly a play on two meanings of the word reference. In early days, we were known for our encyclopedias – reference books that lived in the reference

Now available: Religion & Society series and Encyclopedia of World Environmental History

Berkshire Publishing is pleased to announce that the acclaimed Religion & Society series produced with Routledge (a division of Taylor & Francis) is now available from Berkshire, along with the Encyclopedia of World Environmental History, another award-winning publication developed originally with Routledge in New York. Orders for print volumes (in limited supply) or for digital access can

We have a government again! Time to publish some books

Hooray! We have a government again. That means it's time to get our applications sent off to the Library of Congress for all our upcoming books: This Is America (oh, the irony that this book was delayed by the shut-down); the Berkshire Dictionary of Chinese Biography, which we'll be officially launching in Sydney, Australia in early

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Holy Cow Do We Have Sustainability Covered

Wow, I just want to say that we have an incredible array of topics covered in the Berkshire Encyclopedia of Sustainability. (Not to toot our own horn or anything!) The usual stuff that you hear about all the time, yes - carbon capture, coal, climate change, etc. - but we have tons of interesting stuff on

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Create course materials with Berkshire AcademicPub: Sustainability content available now

Berkshire Publishing is partnering with AcademicPub to offer you the opportunity to assemble custom materials for your courses. The Berkshire AcademicPub partnership lets you: Keep costs low for your students Enhance your class by providing current and relevant materials Provide materials in print or digital formats Get copyright clearance in real-time Create your materials today and

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Berkshire to follow Britannica & Cambridge UP in China

The Beijing International Book Fair starts tomorrow and I’m delighted to be able to announce that we have just made arrangements for a Shanghai-based publishing company to translate the entire six-volume Berkshire Encyclopedia of World History, for distribution in print throughout the People’s Republic of China. This is no small matter, and no small translation job.

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Encyclopedia of China publishers meet, greet, and eat in the Big Apple

There is a Chinese Encyclopedia of China just as there is an English (and now American) Encyclopaedia Britannica, and I’ve naturally been interested in that publication and in the publishing company that has produced it, in different editions and versions, since 1978. I first met Gong Li, president of the Encyclopedia of China Publishing House, in


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