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Berkshire’s Kara Lozier writes from Afghanistan

While we're busy finalizing a Berkshire Essential called Women and Leadership, I want to share something that Berkshire Publishing staffer Kara Lozier posted from Afghanistan, where she worked for two months this spring. Kara handles customer service for Berkshire Publishing, and working here is a great fit because her real passion is international education. She explains in this

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How Big is the Crimea?

In all the news about the Crimea lately, one thing I couldn't quite figure out was how big a place the Crimea is. I then remembered a website I discovered a while back called "" MAPfrappe allows you to take the outline of one place and superimpose it on more familiar places. It's clever enough to

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Create course materials with Berkshire AcademicPub: Sustainability content available now

Berkshire Publishing is partnering with AcademicPub to offer you the opportunity to assemble custom materials for your courses. The Berkshire AcademicPub partnership lets you: Keep costs low for your students Enhance your class by providing current and relevant materials Provide materials in print or digital formats Get copyright clearance in real-time Create your materials today and

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Why Going Digital is Dangerous, Expensive, and Essential op-ed in Library Journal

Library Journal just published an op-ed I wrote about the dangers of going digital. I thought I would share it with some additional details just for friends and colleagues. Digital publishing is fraught with risks for publishers and I’m eager to get feedback on the challenges I’ve identified. Risky as it is, Berkshire Publishing is moving

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Taking public education seriously

As Berkshire Publishing focuses more on education, on learning as well as teaching, I found myself reflecting on a passage from a book called The Company of Strangers, by Parker Palmer. I read this book in the course of my research on community, and even though Palmer's worldview is Christian and mine is not, I found

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Share your story of global collaboration

This is the email I sent to Berkshire authors this morning, and they are coming up trumps – lots of ideas and examples coming, and I’d love to hear from you, too: I’m hoping Berkshire authors can help me with ideas and anecdotes for an article entitled “Building cross-border communities to energize learning, teaching, and innovation

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Berkshire CEO speaks at Notre Dame (and sees her first football game)

I had the pleasure of speaking to a group of twenty-five faculty members, administrators, librarians, and students at Notre Dame University on my way back from Beijing two weeks ago. The Friday workshop was entitled “Expanding global knowledge & connections: research and curricular resources for East Asian studies,” and came about because of Notre Dame’s new

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The Letters of T. S. Eliot, Again and Again

The new US edition of the first two volumes of The Letters of T. S. Eliot has received an amazing amount of attention in the press: nearly a page in the Wall Street Journal as well as an article in The New Yorker and a long review in the New York Times Book Review, not to mention

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British English versus American English

The following text about British English versus American English comes from our forthcoming Berkshire Manual of International Style, which is our extensive copyediting manual expanded to serve as a guide that other editors and publishers can use. Senior editor Mary Bagg is doing the lion's share of work on it, and we've been working closely together,

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David Christian speaks at TED Conference

Berkshire author David Christian explained "big history" at the TED Conference recently. David's presentation was curated by Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft and supporter of the Big History Project, and David got a standing ovation as well as catching the attention, we hear, of some important people in the audience as he connected the whole of

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