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Visit to the blogosphere

If you're not a regular user of Flickr or Skype or Wikipedia, please take a look at this blog entry to get a sense of the discussion that evolving in the blogosphere. I was struck by four things in Jeff Jarvis's well-written and beautifully presented "Who owns the wisdom of the crowd? The crowd": 1. Extraordinary

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Corporations and the Cluetrain Manifesto

It's hardly surprising that I should find myself meeting people who work for the BBC. Global media, right? And a nonprofit corporation--that's also a good fit with Berkshire Publishing at the moment, and with the kind of publishing we do. It's interesting, though, to find out that the BBC suffers from the usual corporate ills: bureaucracy

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What’s wrong with social networking?

I've been in DC for two days for meetings about China and sustainability. I love the fact that these things are so much the buzz, but DC is a world of its own. I said to someone yesterday that I sometimes feel like I'm visiting another planet, where everything is about policy and funding. At the

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A place to call home

Back to the theme of homelessness. There was a time when I, a young single mother, worried about becoming homeless. Now, I find myself in the odd position of not only having a home - -that physical shelter- - but of having different places on earth that feel like home. This week I've been in Santa

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