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A 45th anniversary that matters today: the Shanghai Communiqué

Today is the 45th anniversary of the signing, in China, of the "Shanghai Communiqué," the first of three agreements that established the"one-China" policy and provided a foundation for US-China relations that continues to this day. The Shanghai Communiqué is a remarkable document that I think of often as I work with Chinese publishing colleagues. Everyone seems to

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Brexit, TPP, and the UK-China Relationship

Kerry Brown discusses Brexit, UK-China relations, and how the anti-globalization mood evident today is likely to affect Chinese politics, both domestically and internationally. He presents a realistic but generally positive view of the opportunities for research and collaboration. This podcast will be useful to teachers, scholars, and business professionals concerned about China’s role in

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Chinese Rice Wines and Spirits: An Introduction to Traditional Chinese Beverages Carolyn Phillips returns to discuss the merits of Chinese rice wines and spirits in this episode of Berkshire Bookworld’s “China Cooks!” Carolyn discusses wines and spirits as accompaniments to Chinese dishes and their use in cooking certain traditional recipes. If you’ve been warned off baijiu 白酒, suffered from an excess of it, or perhaps never even

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Pairing Wine with Chinese Food

Pairing Wine with Chinese Food Carolyn Phillips offers tips about pairing wines with Chinese food, suggesting that other beverages are likely to be a better match. Other experts may disagree, but Carolyn speaks from many years of experience in Taiwan, China, and California, and shares many stories about successful (and unsuccessful) wine pairings. This podcast is

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Confucius: Philosophy and Human Purpose

Jeffrey L. Richey is the Francis Alexander McGaw Chair in Religion & Professor of Religion and Asian Studies at Berea College in Kentucky. In this Berkshire Bookworld podcast, “Confucius: Philosophy and Human Purpose,” he introduces Confucius, the most influential person who may never have lived, putting him in historical content and explaining his importance to

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Women Making History

From left: Susan Schwab Carla Hills, Barbara Franklin, and Stephen Orlins On Tuesday, 6 June 2016, Hillary Rodham Clinton became the first woman to become the presidential candidate of one of our two major parties. This is historic, as the press keeps telling us, but we should remember that many other countries have, or

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How Many Chinese Cuisines? Carolyn Phillips explains why she divides Chinese food into 35 different styles, instead of the supposedly classic four or eight. Her divisions correspond to dialects – “people eat as they speak” – and provide the organizing principle for her new book, All Under Heaven. Carolyn Phillips is known for her lively, warm prose and

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