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CHINA Town Hall comes to the Berkshires, Karen Christensen to speak

The National Committee on US-China Relations (NCUSCR) is mentioned in the opening to today’s New York Times feature on Chinese president XI Jinping's first state visit to the United States. The #NCUSCR has been at the center of US-China people-to-people exchanges since 1966, and is soon coming to Bard College at Simon's Rock in Great Barrington, Massachusetts.

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Small businesses should get more credit

More public credit, that is, for their contribution to the global economy, as well as the bank credit they need to survive and grow. Small businesses - like Berkshire Publishing - create jobs and sustain communities. More than 50% of Americans work in small businesses. And small businesses, I've learned today, are more likely to delay

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$975 to spare? — learn how to prepare for recession

I find the conference invitation below fascinating. Fiddling while Rome burns? That's not a good analogy. Maybe this is simply proof that "Hope springs eternal in the human breast." (That's Alexander Pope, the English poet, by the way.) I'm wondering if I can afford to go to any conferences in the near future, including the Information

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LinkedIn is not for me–but Amazon’s rising

I've never been a fan of LinkedIn, much as I appreciate the way they've used word of mouth marketing and maintained something of a monopoly on professional data storage, because I can reach most people more directly and quickly. But I've heard others complain that it's become a recruitment and reference checking and sales tool. I

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Royalty free printing

This is a royalty-free arrangement I love, perfectly reasonable and ethical, and good for the environment. How thrilled I was to discover that there are websites where I can choose from a variety of types of graph paper designs, and even find a storyboard layout that's great for website and catalog planning. I can print on

Berkshire Publishing and Warren Buffet

No, there's no connection between Berkshire Publishing and Warren Buffet's Berkshire Hathaway - at least not yet. And it took me a while to realize that some people, unfamiliar with "The Berkshires" as a popular place for summer vacations and skiing, might see an association. I was at a history film producers conference in Rome a

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Google is dangerous, say European researchers

Researchers at the University of Graz in Austria have produced a staggering "Report on dangers and opportunities posed by large search engines, particularly Google" that in nearly 200 pages goes through various social and ethical issues raised by Google's activities: "Google's open aim is to know everything there is to know on Earth," the researchers concluded.

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Brand Tsunami

Speaking of brands, I was startled recently to see a type of deodorant called Tsunami, which to me is a bit like naming something Hurricane Katrina (I realize that tsunamis are a natural phenomenon, but nonetheless . . .). And I know that's how we felt immediately after "the" tsunami. I was standing in line in

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Ideological disconnect

I am suffering from ideological disconnect. I find myself with friends who (1) run a hedge fund, and (2) represent one of the world's major publishing companies, known to many as a kind of evil empire. That, in itself, is a disconnect. But, beyond that, both of them are down-to-earth, thoughtful, caring human beings. Highly intelligent,

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