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Best China books

Today I'll be sifting through the extensive responses to our Best China Books survey, which was a very short questionnaire tied to the very short reading list in our very short new book This Is China. The respondents gave us *lots* more suggestions, as well comments on and criticisms of the books we selected, which I'll

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Eliot Letters published at last

I'm over the moon that the second volume of the T S Eliot Letters, which I helped edit over 20 years ago, are published! Here's the memoir I wrote for The Guardian's Review section in 2005 about the experience: "Dear Mrs. Eliot...." And here's a review of the new volume (which is published in the UK,

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T. S. Eliot and China

My life and work have not kept to the straight and narrow, or to a single path, but it's always amazed me to see how disparate experiences and people connect - it's become a kind of 5 degrees of separation game. But I would have sworn there could be no connection between my work with Valerie

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Dickens, IPR, and China’s rise

Popular 19th-century English novelists were infuriated about IPR infringement - by the United States. I am grateful to James Fallows for reminding me about this parallel, which I knew from reading autobiographical accounts by Charles Dickens and Anthony Trollope (yes, in my English major days). Here's what Fallows writes in Postcards from Tomorrow Square, a collection

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Barack Obama on the importance of books, and libraries

Thanks to Tim Coates, who writes the widely and wildly read UK Good Library Blog (which we are proud to sponsor and host), I've come across a speech given by Barack Obama at the American Library Association's annual conference in 2005. Here's an extract: More than a building that houses books and data, the library represents

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Widget bookshelf

I'm going to move this to the sidebar, but thought I'd test the code here. This is where something like Shelfari provides something I really want--and would, in fact, pay for. I don't want another social networking site, but I like the tools. Shelfari: Book reviews on your book blog <p>Find new <a href="">books</a> and literate

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A letter about Libraries We Love

It's such a pleasure to hear from readers--it doesn't happen enough with encyclopedias--and Prem Kishore has given me permission to quote her letter here. Her reference to "read your heart out" is a line from Henry Winkler's foreword to the book, which we published early last year. Greetings Karen Christensen When I saw this book in

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Cheese and China

On the panel yesterday, here at Buying & Selling E-Content in Scottsdale, we were asked about the biggest challenge related to blogging. I think I said something about time, which is a real issue for all reasonably dedicated bloggers. After having made various other confessions, including the fact that I am terrified by the power of

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Bob Nylen’s memoir announced

A dear friend and colleague and western Massachusetts resident, Bob Nylen, has just signed a book deal with Random House. Here's what Publishers Weekly has to say: Kurt Andersen, who took on an editor-at-large role at Random House in June, has acquired an untitled memoir by media entrepreneur Bob Nylen via David McCormick, who sold North

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