Berkshire’s Encyclopedia of Modern Asia (Scribners 2002) was in press when the World Trade Center was attacked by terrorists in 2001, and it was a huge relief to us that we had — against some urging by the publisher — included all of West Asia in our coverage. We had plenty on Iraq, Iran, and Afghanistan. And other Berkshire publications have fascinating and quite unique coverage of special topics, from ethnic groups and ethnic relations, to women’s sports. We have compiled a group here, offering them as useful background reading to anyone following #iranelection or the mainstream news about the events in Iran of June 2009.

  • “Iran and the United States” from Global Perspectives on the United States
  • “Ethnic Relations in Iran” from Ethnic Groups Worldwide
  • “Islamic Countries’ Women’s Sports Solidarity Council” from the International Encyclopedia of Women and Sports
  • “Women’s Sports in Iran” from the International Encyclopedia of Women and Sport
  • “Revolution – Iran” from the Berkshire Encyclopedia of World History