Berkshire Encyclopedia of Sustainability Vol. 1-10: Knowledge to Transform Our Common FutureThe global press is chasing many stories, from the tragedies of terrorism and displaced people to the display of hubris, xenophobia, and general nuttiness that we call a US presidential election season. As far as we’re concerned at Berkshire Publishing, the crucial story of the week is the Paris climate talks, and today we are waiting with bated breath (fortunately, not in Beijing!) for word on the plan to slow global warming.

This is a topic we have addressed in our publications for years, and along with a snippet from the New York Times summarizing the main issues, this email offers libraries a 33% discount on the

Berkshire Encyclopedia of Sustainability: “undoubtedly the most important and readable reference on sustainability of our time.” –Jim MacNeill, Secretary General of the UN’s Brundtland Commission.

Chasing a Climate Deal in Paris


An agreement on a plan to slow global warming could come Friday. The arguments over the final provisions that will determine whether the deal has teeth will unfold over the next 48 to 72 hours.
The biggest piece missing from the current text is clear language on monitoring and verifying whether and how countries will follow through on their promises to cut emissions.
Over the last year, 186 countries put forth plans to cut their emissions by 2030.
The draft requires the following:

  • The countries would convene in 2019 to clearly demonstrate how they are faring in meeting those targets.
  • In 2020, countries would be required to meet and to submit new plans demonstrating how they’d ratchet up their emissions reductions plans by 2025.
  • They’d then have to reconvene every five years with fresh, tougher plans.
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Finally, because we’re all about China at Berkshire Publishing, here’s an important study from our friends at chinadialogueChina’s low carbon future offers global opportunities.




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