Encyclopedia of World Environmental HistoryBerkshire Publishing is pleased to announce that the acclaimed Religion & Society series produced with Routledge (a division of Taylor & Francis) is now available from Berkshire, along with the Encyclopedia of World Environmental History, another award-winning publication developed originally with Routledge in New York. Orders for print volumes (in limited supply) or for digital access can be placed with Berkshire or with your favorite distributor. A list of titles and ISBNs is below.

The Encyclopedia of World Environmental History is the work of the world’s leading historians and is the definitive reference on a burgeoning discipline. It has never been available in a digital edition, and Berkshire is developing an updated and expanded version for online use. Click here to read the flyer.

“If we are to understand where we are and where we are headed, it helps to know where we have come from.”Lester Brown, founder and president of the Earth Policy Institute and former president of Worldwatch Institute

“This is the most ambitious effort yet to offer a comprehensive overview of the long-term history of human interactions with the natural world on a truly planetary scale.” William Cronon, Frederick Jackson Turner Professor of History, Geography, and Environmental Studies, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Encyclopedia of Religious Freedom
The Religion & Society series offers a unique and modern perspective that has been welcomed by scholars and students around the world. Ebooks will shortly be available, and subscription services such as GVRL will be able to offer an integrated and expanded database of material on Religion & SocietyClick here to read the flyer.




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