We’ve started a new service here at Berkshire – custom publishing. This link on our website has more about this service. In a nutshell, this is for academic authors (or institutions like non-profits and NGOs) who have a wonderful manuscript all ready to go … and who don’t want to wait around for three years while the book goes through the usual series of hoops and delays that can afflict university presses. We’ve just come out with our first book from our first imprint – and we took it from manuscript to finished book in one month! Very exciting. Details are below in a press release that we sent out recently. I’m looking forward to working on more books like this – it was a rewarding one to work on, especially since the subject matter (Chinese prison camps for hooliganism) is so vitally important to the thousands of people (and their families) caught up in the system.

-Bill Siever

Challenge to China cover

Challenge to China, the first book to come out of Berkshire’s Custom Publishing service.


Great Barrington, Mass., USA

US-Asia Law Institute Books, an imprint of Berkshire Publishing Group, is pleased to announce the publication of Challenge to China: How Taiwan Abolished Its Version of Re-Education Through Labor.

This timely publication is co-authored by USALI founder and NYU professor Jerome A. Cohen, whose groundbreaking work at Harvard in the 1960s and 1970s stimulated study of the expanding field of Chinese law, and USALI affiliated scholar Margaret K. Lewis, professor at Seton Hall University School of Law and an expert on Chinese and Taiwanese law. The book will be enlightening to scholars, lawyers, judges, and criminal justice professionals, as well as to government officials and others interested in legal reform in China and in the development of criminal justice systems generally.

The subject of the book, unfettered police power to detain anyone for a long period—finally abolished by Taiwan in 2009—is attracting considerable interest at the moment in both the general and professional press because of China’s current attempts to deal with the problem. Professor Lewis notes, “The top leaders in China have publicly stated their intentions to reform the police-dominated sanction of re-education through labor, perhaps as early as this year. Our research on Taiwan’s experience provides fresh ideas for the Mainland’s future reform path.” The book’s crisp, clear presentation makes it accessible to the general reader as well as China specialists.

English-language books explaining the dramatic changes to Taiwan’s legal system in recent decades are rare. Books analyzing developments in Taiwan’s criminal justice system are exceedingly rare. This book explains reforms in an in-depth and accessible manner. It also brings a fresh perspective to the long-standing debate about the future of re-education through labor on the Mainland.

More details on the book are available in this flyer from Berkshire’s website: http://bit.ly/challenge-to-china-flyer. Here is a link to a recent press release on USALI Books: http://bit.ly/USALI-release.

To order copies of the book, please contact Berkshire at cservice@berkshirepublishing.com; here is a link to a library request form: http://bit.ly/libraryrequest. The book is also available through major book distributors such as Barnes & Noble and Amazon. Please note that the price on the library form is for hardcover, but softcover, cloth, and ebook versions are also available. Special prepublication prices end Monday, 30 September.

Ebooks of Challenge to China are available on Berkshire’s website, Berkshire Digital (http://bit.ly/challenge-to-china-ebook/), and will soon be available through many other ebook and database distributors. Special print/digital bundle pricing is also available in cooperation with Credo Reference; contact Berkshire Publishing for details.

Review copies will be made available; contact Managing Editor Bill Siever, bill@berkshirepublishing.com.




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