Tom Gilson, reference librarian at the University of Charleston and reviewer for the wonderful, unique magazine Against the Grain, has become a friend and valued colleague. He is not afraid to ask tough questions, and at the same time he has been kindly and patient with a late contributor to the annual Reference Publishing Issue that he guest edits. That is, with yours truly. I love tackling big topics, but the process is painful and I depend on my family’s good will, editor Francesca Forrest’s skillful surgery, and the entire team at Berkshire’s ideas and stories. Last year I wrote about “Information Quality” in reference, and this year Tom asked me to explain the nuts and bolts, the business behind the books we, and other reference publishers of course, produce. He encouraged me to point out the problems I see, and the questions that face us as we struggle with the transition to new formats, and a new generation of reference users. I would love to hear your thoughts about “Making Reference: the Business Behind the Book.”