We got to talking this week about how challenging it must be to be a librarian today. Different formats, different subscription and purchases options, and less than streamlined systems. It might, we thought, be helpful to see just where you can get our interdisciplinary global titles, so we’ve prepared this run-down, with links. For print books, you can order via our website or send an order to Kara Lozier.

The pansy you see on our catalog cover (click to open a flipbook) was growing in a crack in the pavement outside a hotel in the Cotswolds. It reminds us of the immense resilience of life, and to look for beauty wherever we go.

All Berkshire titles are available from leading digital companies. Some offer reference titles only; others serve consumer retail channels, or provide a platform for books to be used in high school and college courses. Our commitment is to put knowledge where you need it.

If you would like a print copy of the catalog, simply send us your postal address by emailing Kara Lozier: kara@berkshirepublishing.com



Berkshire at Oxford Reference

Berkshire Encyclopedia of China
Dictionary of Chinese Biography
Eminent Chinese of the Qing Period
Encyclopedia of Sustainability
Encyclopedia of World History
Encyclopedia of World Sport




Berkshire Collections at eBooks.com

   Berkshire Encyclopedia of Sustainability 1st Edition
   Big History Collection
Chinese Language & Culture Collection



Click HERE to see all Berkshire titles available through the Gale Virtual Reference Library, which includes titles under the Berkshire imprint as well as works like the Encyclopedia of Modern Asia that Berkshire created for publication by Scribners.



SAGE Knowledge

Berkshire launched the SAGE Reference program in 2004 with four major works that won many awards. Here are our enduring favorites.

Encyclopedia of Leadership
Encyclopedia of Community



Gardners for UK Libraries

Askews & Holts
Browns Books for Students

Books for classroom use

What Is


Resources for
Sustainability: a
Berkshire Essential


and Management
for Sustainability:
a Berkshire


Finance and
Investment for
Sustainability: a
Berkshire Essential