The other night at my dad’s birthday party we played a great game whose name escapes me at the moment (it’s loosely based on the game “telephone”) and we were loving the fact that all it took was paper and pencils. I got to thinking, what would it mean for the world’s economy if more and more people found cheap ways to entertain themselves? Would the economy collapse? I realize this is a pipe dream and won’t happen any time soon: the gadgets of the world don’t seem to be going away anytime soon, and people love their gadgets — especially in my family!

Here’s to a fun Thanksgiving for all! Below are the instructions to this game. It’s really fun. Enjoy.


This game is loosely based on the game “telephone” except it involves drawing and then writing down what you think drawings mean. It’s best with a biggish group, although I’m sure it’s fine with five or six, too.

If there are ten people, everyone takes ten pieces of paper and a pen/pencil, and writes down a sentence on one of the sheets–for example “I have a black cat” or “my shoes got stuck in the mud” or “yesterday it was sunny in Australia but then we got hit by a meteor.” It can be simple or complex but should probably make sense, at least a little.

Pass your sentence to the person to your right, who then has to draw it (on a new sheet of paper).  Each person gets one minute for each round of drawing or writing, so be sure to have a timer on hand. Meanwhile the person to your left passes you their sentence to draw. You then pass your drawing of the sentence given to you by the person on your left to the person to your right, who then has to write down their interpretation of it. Each round, you see either a drawing or a sentence, but not both.

Continue doing this until the description of your original sentence gets back to you. If there are ten people, each person will have drawn five pictures and “interpreted” five pictures in sentence form. By the time it gets back to you, the description will probably be very very distorted from what you originally wrote!

It sounds complicated but is actually really easy. Give it a try and you’ll see.



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