Berkshire’s bestselling little book on big history, This Fleeting World, is going into a fourth printing, and there are a lot of eager teachers waiting for it to roll off the presses at Thomson-Shore in Michigan. Yes, we once again couldn’t quite believe how fast it was selling and didn’t order the new printing as early as we should have. But Thomson-Shore, as ever, is doing everything they can to help. At least this time I didn’t have to ask them to hold the presses while I waited for Bill Gates’s quote for the cover! (That happened on printing number three.) And we’ve ordered a much bigger print-run this time. Here is the “Eco Audit” that will be printed in the front of the books:

Berkshire Publishing is committed to preserving ancient forests and natural resources. We elected to print this title on 30% postconsumer recycled paper, processed chlorine-free. As a result, we have saved:

  • 27 Trees (40′ tall and 6-8″ diameter)
  • 11 Million BTUs of Total Energy
  • 2,755 Pounds of Greenhouse Gases
  • 12,423 Gallons of Wastewater
  • 788 Pounds of Solid Waste

Berkshire Publishing made this paper choice because our printer, Thomson-Shore, Inc., is a member of Green Press Initiative, a nonprofit program dedicated to supporting authors, publishers, and suppliers in their efforts to reduce their use of fiber obtained from endangered forests. For more information, visit Environmental impact estimates were made using the Environmental Defense Paper Calculator. For more information visit:




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