By Karen Christensen

Berkshire still uses uppercase for the word Internet. Our Manual of Style, reflecting Chicago and standard US usage, says, “Internet (not ‘the Net’).” I would add to that, actually, a plea: not the ‘net or the ‘Net either. But that use of uppercase is a matter we should consider, it seems, according to this article in the Christian Science Monitor (a reliable newspaper that is, oddly, published by a US church).

Opinion: Four reasons why American media should lowercase ‘Internet’

It hasn’t happened yet in the lower 48, Alaska, or Hawaii, but it’s bound to happen soon: major style guides lowercasing the word “Internet.” And on that day when the style desks of The New York Times and the Associated Press finally issue a press release about the need to start lowercasing Internet in all news articles, headlines, and blogs, we will know that America has finally woken up to web-based reality.We don’t capitalize words like Radio or Television or Motion Pictures anymore, do we? Once, of course, we did. Now, we know better. However, regarding the Internet, we are still behind the curve, behind the British, lost in capitalization land. The Guardian and the BBC websites got it right, long ago. We need to play catch up. Now.

Here are four reasons to lowercase “Internet” Read more at Four reasons American media should lowercase ‘Internet’ – Usage should reflect how we think about the online world –