I came across a note this morning of something someone said to me at an Association for Asian Studies conference: “It’s remarkable how you publish books that are accessible and also authoritative. Like a cross between Education about Asia and the Journal of Asian Studies!” That’s our objective, and it’s always a pleasure to dip into these volumes and see the extraordinary work of the authors and our editons, especially editor in chief Kerry Brown. And another British friend and colleague, Rana Mitter, hosted this BBC4 radio program with a similar purpose, telling the story of China through the lives of 24 individuals.

Here are the volume divisions in the Dictionary of Chinese Biography (Volume 4 is sold separately, too):

Dictionary of Chinese Biography V1, Prehistory to 907

Xia and Shang, Zhou, Qin, Southern & Northern, Sui, Tang

Dictionary of Chinese Biography V2, From 960 to 1644

Song, Jurchen Jin, Yuan, Ming

Dictionary of Chinese Biography V3, From 1644 to 1979

Qing, Republic of China, PRC

Dictionary of Chinese Biography V4, From 1979 to 2015

PRC, Greater China