Berkshire Publishing is pleased to announce that Eurospan Group is our new partner for marketing and distribution in the UK and continental Europe. Eurospan has built up a prestigious list of client publishers that includes the Brookings Institution Press, Harvard Education Press, United Nations Publications, and World Bank Group Publications.

Berkshire titles will now be promoted in the UK and Europe by direct mail, email, conference exhibits, advertising, social media, and journal inserts, with new outreach to reviewing journals and specialist e-commerce web sites as well as print and online booksellers.

Eurospan Group ( understands the importance of our relationships with authors like you. We are thrilled to be able, at last, to build on those relationships by providing support to Berkshire authors who live in Eurospan’s territories or are traveling to the UK or Europe to attend conferences or make presentations.

For further details about this, please drop us a line (Kara Lozier at or write to Eurospan directly (Katrin Krusch at

Eurospan also sells to end users from its own e-commerce bookstore We’ll let you know when the Berkshire shop is set up and running.

We are also delighted to tell you that many of Berkshire’s backlist encyclopedias will soon be available from Oxford University Press. This is quite an accolade for Berkshire, and we know it is our authors who have enabled us to set such high standards. Even though Berkshire is very small and relatively new, our publications have established themselves with scholars and librarians and we thank you heartily for playing a part of our effort to create “Knowledge for our common future.”

These titles are being added to the Oxford Reference platform:

  • Berkshire Encyclopedia of World History, Second Edition, 6 volumes
  • Berkshire Encyclopedia of World Sport, Third Edition, 3 volumes
  • Berkshire Encyclopedia of China, 5 volumes
  • Berkshire Encyclopedia of Sustainability, 10 volumes
  • Berkshire Encyclopedia of Chinese Cuisines (forthcoming 2018), 5 volumes

By the way, the fourth and final volume of the Berkshire Dictionary of Chinese Biography is now out, and is reviewed in Foreign Affairs, the  journal of the Council on Foreign Relations: You can read more at, and here is a sample article: This set is also available through Oxford Reference.

Warm regards, Karen.

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