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1. Start by searching the AcademicPub library for your favorite articles from the Berkshire Encyclopedia of Sustainability (and other Berkshire titles). Here are a few examples:

“Agriculture” by Daniel Vasey in Vol 2.
“Uranium” by Casey Coombs in Vol. 4.
“Road Ecology” by Jochen Jaeger in Vol. 5.
“Consumerism” by Karl Gerth in Vol. 7.
“Water” by Sara Beavis in Vol. 10.

2. Combine your favorite Berkshire Publishing articles with pre-cleared content from the AcademicPub Library or your own hand-outs, notes, presentations, and more.And if AcademicPub isn’t right for you, Berkshire offers a variety of other ways to access its award-winning articles on sustainability, Chinese history and politics, and much more:

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The AcademicPub Content Library

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Single downloadable PDFs for personal use:

Berkshire BYTESCopyright Clearance Center

Berkshire Sustainability Essentials – paperback readers designed for convenient course supplements and summer reading – include many topics such as Environmental Law and Sustainability and Energy Industries and Sustainability:

Environmental Law and Sustainability     Energy Industries and Sustainability       Request Berkshire titles for your library


Or purchase the entire set of the Berkshire Encyclopedia of Sustainability

Berkshire Encyclopedia of Sustainability




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