By Karen Christensen

The press has done a fairly good job with Chinese names in all the recent reporting, though I did see a few references to “Bo Bo Guagua.” But this interesting Bloomberg report goofed at one point:

Through Hitoro, Wangjiang and Wangning, who retained her Chinese citizenship, owned Beijing Jiahua Investment Consulting Co. via China Murder Suspect’s Sisters Ran $126 Million Empire – Bloomberg.

Their names should be Gu Wangjiang and Gu Wangning (or in Berkshire styling, on first use, as GU Wangjiang and GU Wangning). Unless one is trying for a tabloid effect (“Brad and Angelina”), the long form is the right one, even with sisters. Let’s be thankful that the Chinese family names are so short.

I like this Taiwanese website’s inclusion of the Chinese characters for the names used in the article. (See end for the names.)