We Need All of Human History:  Join the campaign #SaveAPWorld! ✂🔭

AP World History is one of the most popular courses offered by the US-based College Board. The AP World History exam was taken by 300,000 students last year. It is now a subject of growing controversy - and we urge you to join the campaign #SaveAPWorld - because the College Board has announced that the course will no longer

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Seeing the Forest for the Trees: A Sustainable Information Industry

BILL SIEVER Editorial Coordinator Berkshire Encyclopedia of Sustainability, Berkshire Publishing Group KAREN CHRISTENSEN Publisher and CEO Berkshire Publishing Group Seeing the forest: why publishers and readers need to take a fresh look at print and online publishing to create a sustainable information industry The emerging debate over whether print or online

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Tenaciously Tackling Copyright and Licensing

The company I own, Berkshire Publishing Group, conducts a lot of business in China, so I’m always being asked about intellectual property rights (IPR). I’ve learned that many people equate China with piracy, and stories float around the academic world about bookstore shelves filled with unauthorized copies of monographs and popular nonfiction titles. In fact, it was concern

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Christmas in Beijing 2012

Would you be able to explain the difference between Jesus and Santa Claus, or the symbolism of different Hanukkah and Christmas foods? These were topics of conversation as Berkshire Publishing hosted its first holiday party in China. I was in Beijing to speak at a digital publishing conference, but I also found a way to

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