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Cooking Our Way Into The Future

I started the Encyclopedia of Chinese Cuisines both as an excuse to eat and as what I thought would be a pleasant escape from the political drama of publishing about China. That led to our publishing books like The Way of Eating and Asian Cuisines, and to my work on gastrodiplomacy. Now, during the COVID-19 crisis, we’re planning a major project on

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Berkshire Joins COVID-19 Support Efforts With JStor, EBSCO, ProQuest

We want to make sure you know about some of the ways in which publishers - including Berkshire - are making our books and reference publications available online at reduced cost, or even free, during the COVID-19 crisis. We're well aware that taking classes and doing research papers online is a huge challenge for many students, schools,

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T.S. Eliot “Got Cheese” Campaign Announced

Great Barrington, MA - COVID-19 has delayed the launch of a record-setting marketing deal expected to boost international appreciation of English and European cheeses. The image and words of the Nobel Prize winning poet T S Eliot, as well as characters from the musical Cats, will be used to promote cheese and cheese products throughout the world. The

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The Encyclopedia of Sustainability

Print publication of the 2nd edition has been delayed due to COVID-19 8.5x11 • 6,084 pages • Hardcover $1999 $999 NOW • 9781614728009 No library is complete without this core 21st-century resource. While you're waiting for the new edition, you'll have FREE digital access to all 10 volumes of the first edition at And we'll send a FREE copy of What

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The Way Of Eating Appears In South China Morning Post & The Beijinger

This Qing Dynasty Foodie Taught Farm-To-Table Two Centuries Before It Was Cool "Like many people, we like to read and collect cookbooks but until recently we had never used one published more than 200 years ago. That has now changed thanks to the publication of an English version of a Qing dynasty cookbook and general meditation

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Tyrannical Leadership

"Show, don't tell." This is common advice for writers, and for marketers, too. I found myself thinking about "showing" this week as I made a mental list of the enlightening projects I have worked on. The Encyclopedia of Leadership is one. Here's an article from it on "Tyrannical Leadership" that is all too relevant right now. Tyranny, as

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Touchdown: Sports & Politics, Football In China

From the chapter on China in Touchdown: An American Obsession Goes Global, in which the author notes that American football has drawn Chinese fans away from the NBA : Playing football has gradually become a sign of fashion among some in the younger generation. American football was introduced to China around the beginning of the twentieth century,

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Thanksgiving Feast Yuan Mei

Marjolijn Kaiser, Berkshire's China projects editor, is a fan of the American Thanksgiving holiday in spite of being Dutch and a vegetarian. She is quite the expert on turkey alternatives, but this year she's been even more creative than usual: she's developed a Thanksgiving menu based on recipes from Yuan Mei’s eighteenth-century gastronomical manual, which Berkshire

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