Thanksgiving Feast Yuan Mei

Marjolijn Kaiser, Berkshire's China projects editor, is a fan of the American Thanksgiving holiday in spite of being Dutch and a vegetarian. She is quite the expert on turkey alternatives, but this year she's been even more creative than usual: she's developed a Thanksgiving menu based on recipes from Yuan Mei’s eighteenth-century gastronomical manual, which Berkshire

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Seeing the Forest for the Trees: A Sustainable Information Industry

BILL SIEVER Editorial Coordinator Berkshire Encyclopedia of Sustainability, Berkshire Publishing Group KAREN CHRISTENSEN Publisher and CEO Berkshire Publishing Group Seeing the forest: why publishers and readers need to take a fresh look at print and online publishing to create a sustainable information industry The emerging debate over whether print or online

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Tenaciously Tackling Copyright and Licensing

The company I own, Berkshire Publishing Group, conducts a lot of business in China, so I’m always being asked about intellectual property rights (IPR). I’ve learned that many people equate China with piracy, and stories float around the academic world about bookstore shelves filled with unauthorized copies of monographs and popular nonfiction titles. In fact, it was concern

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Food Strategy

Bald eagles can range widely during the winter in their search for food. They are serious scavengers often feeding on road kills or discarded deer carcasses. When food is the issue they may be aggressive to other eagles or any competition. Immature and sub-adult eagles are mottled brown and may be mistaken for golden eagles. Golden

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Ice Designs

Ice as thin and breakable as glass sometimes remains after a shallow layer of water drains away. Dark-colored objects near or above the surface readily absorb sunlight and the resulting heat melts the ice around the object leaving an impression. It may be simple or an intricate design as with these river bulrush stems.

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