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London Book Fair launch for Berkshire, ECPH, China Publishing Group

This post is about the partnership launch held on 15 March at the London Book Fair and also sets out my observations about developments in the realm of Chinese publishing, along with advice for Western publishing professionals who’d like to be China-ready. I was close to tears at our launch at the London Book Fair with China

US-China partnership and launch of International Editorial Center

We are thrilled to announce the launch of one of the largest publishing initiatives to be undertaken by a US and Chinese partnership. While the relationship between the United States and China is more uncertain than at any time in decades, the personal and economic ties between our countries are strong, and growing stronger. Young Americans are

Translation Rights Available, December 2016

Hot topics include big history, women and leadership, major Chinese classics, and much more from the US's leading publishers on cutting-edge global issues. Click here to email Kara Lozier with your credentials in order to obtain a prepublication proof copy for review. Please be sure to specific which of the books you would like to have for consideration.

A global perspective (first published as “Seeing the World” in the Berkshire Savant, 2005)

The story below, written by Karen Christensen in 2005, explains what happened when an American family traveled to China, Kazakhstan, and Japan in April 2001. At that time, Berkshire Publishing was developing the Encyclopedia of Modern Asia for the reference division of Charles Scribners, a major New York company that is now part of Cengage. “We have to go to Central Asia,” I said in December 2000. My then-husband's response was to buy me a book called The Most Dangerous Places in the World.

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Eurospan Group to represent Berkshire Publishing Group and authors

Berkshire Publishing is pleased to announce that Eurospan Group is our new partner for marketing and distribution in the UK and continental Europe. Eurospan has built up a prestigious list of client publishers that includes the Brookings Institution Press, Harvard Education Press, United Nations Publications, and World Bank Group Publications. Berkshire titles will now be promoted

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Now available: Religion & Society series and Encyclopedia of World Environmental History

Berkshire Publishing is pleased to announce that the acclaimed Religion & Society series produced with Routledge (a division of Taylor & Francis) is now available from Berkshire, along with the Encyclopedia of World Environmental History, another award-winning publication developed originally with Routledge in New York. Orders for print volumes (in limited supply) or for digital access can

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Alert: T S Eliot Estate $40 million cheese marketing deal announcement today

London, UK: T S Eliot marketing deal sets stage for global cheese-eating campaign Announced today is the first major licensing agreement inked by the T S Eliot Estate: a US$40 million international sponsorship agreement with Dairy Management, the marketing agency of the United States Department of Agriculture, and the East Asia Milk Marketing Board. They will

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