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Women’s Paths to Power & Recognition in Life & Literature

The New York Times published a list today of 15 overlooked women, and I was glad to see that the first, Ida B. Wells, is someone we included in Women and Leadership: History, Concepts, and Case Studies (Goethals & Hoyt 2017), and the third, Qiu Jin, in the Berkshire Encyclopedia of China. The second in the list is poet Sylvia Plath, whose story

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“Ferocious, funny, and fearlessly honest,” writes James Wolcott, culture critic at Vanity Fair

Berkshire Publishing is proud to reintroduce Marvin Mudrick, a prominent literary critic still much admired, with this collection of five books of lively, enjoyable, and often hilarious essays and a magnificent posthumously published volume that was praised by Pauline Kael in the New Yorker: “I can’t imagine a better book on how an inspired teacher’s mind

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Happy Thanksgiving, Expat Stories, and This Is America

Berkshire Publishing's team is thankful for your friendship and partnership. Together, we are responding to the challenges of our time in history, and working to create a sustainable future. Happy Thanksgiving! 感恩节快乐! Country roads are vital link to rural folks and provide unique opportunities to view wildlife and plant communities. Let's be thankful for the natural systems

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On Giving Up Publishing

On Friday evenings, we eat at home in New York, lamps low as the sun sets over the Hudson. We catch up on what’s happened during the week: the news from Beijing and our far-flung children, the meetings we’ve had, new projects started, funny stories from work. It’s a simple meal, usually fish and salad, a

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