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We're all facing challenges today, and are happy that we've made an effort over the last few months to put our books online in ways more convenient for teaching and economical for schools. As you work with students remotely, we hope you'll try our various collections. In particular, why not try a free sample ebook from our Big History Collection? This

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Free Articles: Landscape Art, Nature Writing & More From Encyclopedia Of World Environmental History

Environmental issues have been central here at Berkshire Publishing since we opened shop in 2004. Even before that, we had produced the three-volume Encyclopedia of World Environmental History for Routledge in New York. I remember the first editorial meeting, at the National Humanities Center in North Carolina. One thing I learned was that it couldn’t be an “international”

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How & Where To Access Berkshire Titles: Digital Availability & Print Books

We got to talking this week about how challenging it must be to be a librarian today. Different formats, different subscription and purchases options, and less than streamlined systems. It might, we thought, be helpful to see just where you can get our interdisciplinary global titles, so we've prepared this run-down, with links. For print books,

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Winter 2020 Catalog From Berkshire

Click the catalog cover at left to open a flipbook showing Winter Spotlight titles. The pansy you see on the cover of this catalog was growing in a crack in the pavement outside a hotel in the Cotswolds. Its beauty, and determination, holds a message. We humans, too, have an immense capacity for renewal. Berkshire is doing more and more

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First Look at the T S Eliot – Emily Hale Letters (podcast)

In what one scholar called “the literary event of the decade,” on 2 January 2020, Princeton University Library opened up more than 1,100 letters that the Nobel-Prize-winning poet T.S. Eliot wrote over the course of three decades to an American speech professor and amateur actress named Emily Hale. The day became even more newsworthy

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Big History Ebooks Now Available For WH & BHP Classes

Cynthia Stokes Brown wrote BIG HISTORY, SMALL WORLD to help Big History Project students and their teachers, many of whom she knew and befriended in the earliest days of big history education. David Christian's THIS FLEETING WORLD is widely used in AP World History as well as big history courses. BIG HISTORY: A BERKSHIRE ESSENTIAL is a collection of essays by some

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